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Ashley August 2021
" He's very encouraging and has pushed me each week "
Ashley, 59, Solicitor and part-time golfer who's hitting it further now thanks to Anthony
August 2021

“ I have been training with Anthony for just over a year now once or twice a week when not in Lockdown. I used to play sport to a decent level 30 years ago but had let things go a bit. My job is at a desk .
Anthony quickly found my fitness and mobility level and we've been doing varied exercises each week since .
He explains what each exercise is for and demonstrates them clearly . He puts a lot of thought into each session to benefit all the muscle groups. Some I didn't know I had.
He's very encouraging and has pushed me each week by building on what we've done before. I feel much stronger, fitter and more mobile.
There's a sense of achievement as the weights and the reps go up. Adding various weird and wonderful stretches ( who knew a downward dog was legal ) has given me much greater mobility and feeling of wellbeing .
I look forward to my sessions and the Bruce soundtrack tailored for me is an added bonus. I can't recommend him highly enough . Thanks Anthony."

Sally April 2021
" A good decision! Anthony designs a training course that suits the individual"
Sally, 60
April 2021

“ Noticing my increasing feebleness, I joined Anthony at The Fitness Studio. A good decision! Anthony designs a training course that suits the individual, aware of their needs and capabilities. His studio is well-equipped and immaculate and each session is thoughtfully designed to advance strength and fitness, along with much encouragement. The results are so pleasing... life becomes easier.. I recommend The Fitness Studio wholeheartedly.

Anthony/Tony August 2020
" He's very encouraging and has pushed me each week "
Tony, 70+
August 2020

“ I have been having training sessions with Anthony Hobden now for over one year. All the sessions are planned in a professional manner and varied to test all the body. It is a fun worthwhile approach to what I always found a rather dull necessity. At first I was sceptical but now totally convinced of the benefits. All in all it has been a great experience"

Bibi April 2020
"never felt this fit before and had strong core muscles"
Bibi, 50
April 2020

“I have never been a gym body, though always enjoyed healthy lifestyle, balanced diet, dancing, swimming, yoga and water sports but just could not get into gym regularly...So I was one of those who would start a gym membership go for three months and give up but keep paying..as I found it quite difficult to concentrate by myself and boring at times..Also I was worried that I would hurt my back as I had problems with it in the past..So when I decided I needed over all exercise that would increase my strength and be suitable for me I decided to get in touch with Anthony. I was hooked from the first session as he totally got what I needed to achieve and guided me with a bespoke program. So, a year on I have a healthy addiction to gym, never felt this fit before and had strong core muscles, no injury and lots of fun through out the sessions.
Oh, did I mention, his modern studio, spa like shower with homemade natural soaps and shower gel and the after session healthy juice shot/snack which, always comes with a friendly smile...

Colin Bishop Jan 2020
"keeps me feeling younger and energetic."
Colin, 70+
January 2020

“Our weekly session is very important to me, because it gives me the enthusiasm to train at home and spend time in the gym. As you know, at my advanced age, I feel the need to do regular body maintenance. It certainly works and keeps me feeling younger and energetic, and contributes to my other sporting activities. It also enables me to diagnose any aches and pains, and take the appropriate remedial action, sometimes with the help of a physio. All in all in keeps my body in good working order, making movement so much easier and better.
I couldn’t do without it.
Our sessions are always enjoyable and very varied, which maintains the interest and desire to keep fit, and to get fitter. Our discussions about form, and correct orientation, ensure that I get the maximum benefit from the exercises.
I am very grateful to you for all your hard work, and enthusiastic approach to our weekly sessions. I am looking forward to many more in the years to come."

Keith Sep 2019
"I am as fit now as I was a decade ago and aim to get fitter."
Keith, 60+
September 2019

“Anthony's expertise and careful planning has changed my life. I had to retire following a serious accident that caused a traumatic brain injury that affected my vision and balance and seriously affected my health and fitness, impairing mobility and ability to walk without a stick. In consultation with Anthony we agreed a a long-term fitness program that was initially extremely difficult and challenging even for the simplest exercises. However, the most marvellous thing about Anthony is that after tailoring the fitness programme to one's individual needs he pays meticulous attention to how one preforms, spots difficulties and replans the exercise regime accordingly. He has a confident, wry and witty style and is extremely encouraging - one never feels inadequate. As a result of his expertise and care, my health, energy and well-being have significantly increased, my balance has been rejuvenated and I no longer need a stick to walk; I am as fit now as I was a decade ago and aim to get fitter with Antony's help. I would recommend him as the best personal trainer I have ever had, a view shared by my wife and daughter both of whom train also with Anthony."

Scott Richardson August 2019
"I Absolutely recommend the fitness studio/Anthony."
Scott, 40+
August 2019

“I Found the fitness studio a few years ago when I was on holiday.
Back home in Nottingham, I train 3 to 4 times a week (boxing) so lots of Strengthening and cardio work!! I needed someone that could put me through my paces, that’s when I found Anthony, at the fitness studio.
Three years on, I still come to see Anthony for a couple of sessions a week, when I’m on holiday.
I Absolutely recommend the fitness studio/Anthony, he customises the sessions to your requirements and supports you throughout the whole session, motivating and encouraging you, to be, the best you can be.
Thank you mate."

Carole Salmon July 2019
"the main thing for me is that I actually look forward to going to his sessions"
Carole, 60+
July 2019

“I recommend Anthony as a personal fitness trainer. He’s a nice guy, which is very important for me; who wants to spend time twice a week with someone you don’t really like?
He puts a lot of effort into creating individual programmes, is a competent and experienced athlete in his own right and is very knowledgeable about fitness. He can tell you, in minute detail which muscles are being worked in any of the exercises. But the main thing for me is that I actually look forward to going to his sessions. I know I will work to my ability, not over do it and feel like I’m getting a tiny bit fitter and stronger at each workout"

Tommy Eyton March 2019
"I came to Anthony with 3 weeks to train for a professional jockey’s fitness test. He was immediately able to tailor a suitable training regime for me"
Tommy, 18, Jockey
March 2019

“ I came to Anthony with 3 weeks to train for a professional jockey’s fitness test. He was immediately able to tailor a suitable training regime for me and he was very flexible with arranging sessions.
The sessions were varied and enjoyable whilst allowing me to make substantial progress. Anthony filled me with confidence throughout training and thanks to him I passed the test!

Paula Pitman March 2019
"getting fitter and healthier has never been easier or more enjoyable"
Paula, 67
March 2019

“ I have been going to Anthony for several months now, and not only feel and see the benefits, but have such a thoroughly fun time too, so getting fitter and healthier has never been easier or more enjoyable! He plans the routines to suit each client, and has motivated me in such a positive way to make significant changes in my life that really do seem to make a difference. I never thought I'd become a pro on the wobble board or with boxing gloves on!"

Chris Dec 2018
"I need a specialised form of exercise due to having Parkinson’s Disease and Anthony has created a varied programme to suit my specific needs, including boxing"
Chris, 72
December 2018

“Anthony has been my personal trainer for some time now. I need a specialised form of exercise due to having Parkinson’s Disease and Anthony has created a varied programme to suit my specific needs, including boxing. Exercise has been proven to help delay the symptoms of Parkinson’s.
I look forward to my one to one weekly sessions & I would recommend Anthony for his caring and positive approach which has been a great help to me”.

Janet Nov 2018
"I feel fitter, more energetic, motivated & if that's not enough-have lost weight too! "
Janet, 60
November 2018

The best thing I have ever done was making that initial phone call to Anthony in the hope he could help an overweight, unfit, 60 yr.old who had lost all willpower & motivation in many aspects of her life! He told me he could change all that. If I am totally honest, I was not convinced. (sorry Anthony), How wrong I was!!!
Anthony is so encouraging, passionate & knowledgeable about fitness & nutrition. My eating plan was easy to follow & I am now a smoothie addict. (yes, even with spinach)
For the first time I feel in control around my food choices. I have so much fun with my in-studio sessions & in only a matter of weeks I feel fitter, more energetic, motivated & if that's not enough-have lost weight too! Anthony is such a kind, caring and supportive individual that I know with his help and guidance I will achieve my goal. Of course, life is about choices & I certainly made the right one in making that initial phone call!
Its amazing how small changes have made a massive difference. I would recommend Anthony to anyone who (like me) have lost their way when it comes to their health & wellbeing.

Catherine Munro Sep 2018
"I never thought I would be so keen and [nearly!] hooked on fitness..."
Catherine, 40
September 2018

Anthony's tailored programme of 1-to-1 [or in my case 2-to-1] sessions has been a surprisingly fantastic experience. From being 'gym averse' it was wonderful to enter a supportive space, where we could begin a comprehensive approach to overall health management. With elements of yoga, traditional gym exercise systems, boxing and, my new found favourite jujitsu, these in-studio sessions are always changing and interesting and time flies. However, it is also the additional support provided by Anthony throughout, which I feel is proving key to this programme. Nutritional support, through recipes and dietary options to follow, exercises to integrate into our daily routines and, a website full of information to fall back on when needed are the unsung benefits of this great personal trainer programme.
Each week, we look forward to these sessions, knowing that Anthony is able to provide expert knowledge and skills, dedication and enthusiasm. I never thought I would be so keen and [nearly!] hooked on fitness...

Jackie August 2018
"I like the constant movement he introduces and the mix of weights and cardio"
Jackie, Marketing Executive
August 2018

I have been working with Anthony for 9 months and have found him to be professional, knowledgeable, caring and deeply motivating. I have worked with previous personal trainers and it can be a bit repetitive but Anthony works hard to vary the programmes around agreed goals. I like the constant movement he introduces and the mix of weights and cardio. He also has a good sense of humour and is very empathetic.

Christie April 2018
"I feel every week that much stronger and fitter and more confident"
Christie, Prison Service Employee
April 2018

Anthony is incredibly supportive and encouraging and has enabled me to start trusting my body again. His sessions go quickly as he introduces such a variety of exercises. He charts my progress and I feel every week that much stronger and fitter and more confident. I would highly recommend him to anyone of any age and fitness.

Alex Chinchen Feb 2018
"Anthony has been a huge support helping me improve my fitness and lose 3 stone in weight"
Alex, 26, Port Manager
February 2018

When I first went to see Anthony I was very nervous and did not know what to expect. I was very overweight, very unfit and had quite a bad knee injury. Over the last 9 months Anthony has been a huge support helping me improve my fitness and lose 3 stone in weight. I have really enjoyed the programme which is changed regularly to keep it interesting and to keep pushing me to new limits. I am really seeing the benefit of my improved fitness and the weight loss but also in the change in my body shape.
He has tailored all the exercises to ensure they work around my knee injury which is getting better all the time. He has been a huge support and I really look forward to my sessions even though they are usually at the crack of dawn to fit around my hectic work schedule.

Anita Reynolds May 2017
“My body shape is changing, I have better posture, the weight is coming off slowly but staying off, and most importantly I feel healthier.”
Anita, 50, Artist
May 2017

When I first went to see Anthony I was quite nervous and self-conscious, I was feeling very unfit and middle aged! My main worry was that I would injure myself during the sessions, (this has happened in the past when I went to a gym) I knew I needed to lose a few pounds and get more exercise but didn't seem to have the motivation to do it myself or know how to start.

Anthony has been brilliant; he made me feel at ease straight away. He got the level of exercises spot on, gentle to start with to build up my stamina and confidence. Now a few months into the programme the routines are much more challenging and I enjoy being pushed a bit more each week. He also gave me dietary advice, recipes, and tips on healthy snacks.
My body shape is changing, I have better posture, the weight is coming off slowly but staying off, and most importantly I feel healthier.

Fenella Smith April 2017
“ I always look forward to my session even a 6:30am start "
Fenella, Psychotherapist
April 2017

Anthony is not only fun to work with he is also incredibly supportive in encouraging me to challenge myself, he regularly comes up with new routines and l always look forward to the session even a 6:30am start.

Matt Dec 2016
“Anthony often throws in new exercises to keep things fresh "
Matt, 25, Marketing Manager
December 2016

I've tried so many times to workout effectively at home, but always struggled to get into any sort of routine until Anthony put together a 12 week plan for me. I'd never had any personal training before, but it took him no time at all to figure out what level I was at and what I was capable of. I wanted to work on specific muscle groups, and Anthony was so thorough when going through every exercise to ensure I understood exactly what I was doing and how to get the most out of it with proper technique. The plan varies from day to day, and I actually look forward to doing it each morning before work. Having previously worked in construction and switching to a desk job a year ago this 30 minute workout was just what I needed to get back to, and maintain, a level of fitness I'm happy with. We review the plan regularly and Anthony often throws in new exercises to keep things fresh and interesting.

Alison Theaker Mar 2016
"I lost 10 lbs, and I found the diet suggestions easy to follow,”
Alison, Business Coach
March 2016

“I did a detox and the Power of 4 with Anthony and lost 10 lbs. I found the diet suggestions easy to follow, and the one-to-one sessions got progressively more challenging! Having the videos also helped me get into the habit of doing regular exercise every day. I have continued with a weekly boxing blast class and am really feeling the benefit. Anthony is very supportive and willing to adapt exercises to take account of personal issues.”

Lynda Broom Feb 2016
“My Husband And I Thoroughly Enjoy Our Sessions With Anthony”
Lynda, 67, Retired
February 2016

My husband and I thoroughly enjoy our sessions with Anthony. He varies the programme and makes us feel as though we are really improving. We admire his patience as we are not the most athletic couple and at 73 and 68 do not have youth on our side. Good all round exercise, which is fun and doesn’t take up a great deal of time.
Highly recommend it

Debbie Marks Jan 2016
“Anthony's Positive Attitude and Dedication Keeps Me Coming Back”
Debbie, PR Consultant
January 2016

“I really didn’t want to end the year as the fat middle age cliché of a woman, but after many failed diets and little exercise I found myself yet again starting the New Year with a promise to get fit and slim. This time though I am fortunate in that I joined Anthony’s boxing class. For the first time in years I found that I was actually looking forward to exercising. Anthony is an excellent teacher, firm without patronising, encouraging and not judgmental. I have been to larger exercise classes before, and have often felt that the instructor was more concerned with his own image that that of the pupil. With Anthony it is more personal. He will devise a programme that is suitable for you and your ability.
Anthony’s positive attitude and dedication keeps me coming back and I am beginning to notice a subtle change, not only in my physique but psychologically as well. Exercise is not something to be feared, and for the first time I actually feel that by this time next year I will be fitter and slimmer. As a footnote Anthony can also recommend diets, his knowledge of nutrition is superb, but it is his dedication to you and your fitness that inspires me. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

Sam Curkovic Oct 2015
“Anthony Was So Encouraging and Attentive”
Samantha, 38, Business Owner
October 2015

Brilliant personal training and boxing sessions undertaken weekly over a set of eight weeks, I definitely felt my fitness improve and was impressed at how I progressed in such a short time. Anthony was so encouraging and attentive, tailoring sessions and exercises to each person, as well as taking on board our feedback so it was completely individualised. Really good fun and an achievable approach to exercising, a convenient location and brilliant facilities.
Anyone living in/near or passing through Harbertonford should check the Fitness Studio out.

Linda Spicer Aug 2015
"such a dramatic improvement in such a short space of time."
Linda, Graphic Designer
August 2015

“I couldn’t believe how quickly Anthony made me more flexible, much stronger and with hugely improved core stability. I’m 67 and for various reasons (broken ankle and other health issues) I just hadn’t exercised to look after myself, I told myself I was just too busy. I was stiff, unstable and walked badly, in fact using a stick sometimes. It seemed a huge hill to climb when you leave it so long. Anthony spent some time to listen to my worries and devised a really interesting set of exercise routines for me, never boring or repetitive, so that I could achieve what I needed.
In just four sessions I honestly feel I could achieve anything I wanted to in the future. I stand better, I move and walk more confidently and my balance is good now. My stamina is noticeably better and I think I look much more toned up at last. Anthony did work me hard, but with a warm-up and a very thorough cool-down session afterwards I never ached once.
It makes a huge difference having someone so experienced to instruct and watch that what you are doing is just right. I’ve been a gym member at various times over the years but never gained such a dramatic improvement in such a short space of time. This has given me so much confidence to keep this improvement going. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it – especially the relaxing shower and a healthy juice to wind down afterwards. Thank you Anthony!

Scott McCree Jun 2015
“At 43 I Am In Better Shape Than I Have Ever Been”
Scott, 43, Managing Director
June 2015

I have used many different Personal Trainers in the past and I always felt I got a standardised program that didn’t meet my needs, and that I was just another customer to ‘go through the motions’ with.
Anthony was the exact opposite of this, he really took the time to understand what motivates me and how much I could be pushed, and then devised a program around this.
Our sessions were challenging and inspiring and I found myself looking forward to what I found to be a hugely rewarding and educational experience. Anthony would push me to exactly the right point, but he always ensured I was safe, holding my form and having fun.
Anthony is a great guy, easy to get along with and has a vast knowledge of all matters relating to fitness, including diet, and would incorporate many different forms of exercise into the work-out each week to keep it fresh. The different work-outs I learned from Anthony have benefited me immensely and at 43 I am in better shape than I have ever been.
I would not think twice about recommending Anthony, after many years trying to find a trainer that worked for me, Anthony was truly an inspiration.

Claire Richardson Jan 2015
“I Would Highly Recommend
Anthony To Anyone”
Claire, 37, Business Owner
January 2015

I have had some personal fitness sessions with Anthony and I was very specific about what I wanted to achieve and what exercises and I do and don’t like.
The fitness program he wrote for me was what I would have written for myself if I had, had the knowledge. It was tailored perfectly to my wants and needs.
It is clear to see during sessions, that Anthony has great knowledge in fitness and that he is totally committed and truly interested and passionate about his work. I felt really nurtured as he was very supportive and motivating throughout the sessions, I also found that he was very thorough and insightful in his explanations of what I needed to do and why. He took great care in correcting me and ensuring that each exercise was done right to gain the ultimate benefit and no muscle strain etc.
Anthony was very keen for my feedback both throughout the session or after so that he could continue to work with me as effectively and beneficially as possible.
At the end of the session I got a nutritional smoothie to meet my nutritional needs etc. which again left me feeling nurtured and vibrant.
I would highly recommend Anthony to anyone that is wanting or needing any fitness support of help.

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