About Us

 Who are we?

We are Anthony and Laura Hobden and we created The Fitness Studio to bring our complete approach to personal training to Devon along with highest quality service and facilities.

We are both originally from Nottingham but we loved Devon and moved here in 2014. We believe the beautiful countryside and clean air in Devon is great for your body and mind and the landscape provides rich and interesting spaces to exercise in which made it a perfect place for us to start this business.

Anthony qualified as Personal Trainer in 2001 and has enjoyed working with a wide variety of clients as a Personal Trainer ever since, Laura is an Architectural Technologist specialising in Sport and Leisure Architecture with a keen interest in food and design.

What do we do?

We have a custom-built fitness studio, the studio was specifically designed to hold 1 to 2 people to create a different style and feel to a commercial gym, we aimed to create a luxurious and private gym where you feel totally at home, completely comfortable and confident.

We offer our personal training sessions as packages as we believe that clients will benefit more from regular sessions than one-off sessions, as all exercise programmes are designed specifically for each client so we can ensure that you enjoy your sessions, get the most out of them and that they suit your needs and physical ability.


Why are we different?

We believe that to achieve the physical results you want you also need to work on your mind and change the way you think and approach things that is why our service is all about getting your mind and body working together to achieve a higher level of overall health and fitness, which is what we refer to as our complete approach to personal training.

Our complete approach to personal training offers so much more than a one-off personal training session, Anthony’s exercise programmes are designed specifically for the individual and we offer clients information to help improve their mind-set along with home fitness challenges to keep up momentum and focus between personal training sessions alongside on-going support from Anthony.

Our Healthy Living Guide www.thefitnessstudio.net/guide is full of tips and tricks to improve the way you feel, exercise videos, recipes and lots more – we have personally designed this package of active sessions, knowledge and support to help anyone triumph and get the amazing body they want and deserve.

To find our more click on the links below to get to know our Personal Trainer from his Q&A session, plus click on the facilities button to discover our studio and what it has to offer and if you like what you see why not click on the “Contact us & Find us” button to get in touch and find out where we are.