Online Personal Training


Online Personal Training

Now you can have your very own Personal Trainer where every you are. l possesses the knowledge, skills and abilities to instruct and design fitness programmes for safe and effective exercise. Anthony will create personal programmes to meet the needs and goals for you, so let’s get started.  

What are the benefits of using a Personal Trainer?

Building your Confidence – with a positive, encouraging and understanding personal trainer they can help you get the best out of yourself and boost your confidence. By setting and achieving goals with a trainer, who can set achievable yet challenging goals, achieving those goals gives you confidence in your own ability and boosts your overall confidence. Plus of course sticking to the programme of exercise and healthy eating will get you in the shape of your life!

Having Fun – Personal trainers have extensive knowledge of exercise and know many variations of exercises so they can design a programme you really enjoy, plus the interaction of working with a motivational trainer can be great fun.

Feeling Accountable – By hiring a personal trainer for regular sessions and the goals associated with those sessions can make you feel more accountable for your actions. With the desire to impress your trainer and the need to feel your money is well spent it can make you feel more accountable for your positive and negative actions towards exercise and eating therefore encouraging you to make more positive choices.

Exercise to suit your life – A personal trainer will not give you the standard programme; they will tailor a programme specifically to you needs, your abilities, and importantly your goals. A focused personal training session can be more efficient than a long unfocused session at the gym, as the session is tailored to you and what you need to achieve in the most efficient and enjoyable way possible. With The Fitness Studio being open when you need us and complete exclusivity you are never left waiting for anything and sessions can be fitted around your commitments.

Long term benefits – Sticking to a personal training schedule creates good habits, improves your confidence and can improve your philosophy about your life, all of which can translate into a more motivated mind-set which can help you overcome obstacles in other parts of your life. Plus following the exercise and healthy eating advice of a personal trainer and creating good habits can improve your long-term health.

What do we offer?

At The Fitness Studio we not only have a passion for nutrition and exercise we live for it!!

Anthony has so many years of experience and has worked with such a variety of people that he really can train anybody. He designs programmes specific to each person so every session is designed to be enjoyable and nothing can compete with the motivation and energy you get from 1-1 sessions, Anthony is a natural motivator and loves to see the satisfaction his clients get when they achieve their goals.