New Beginnings

Image of woman running on the beach
New Beginnings an easy to follow programme that fits your lifestyle
Healthy eating plans including recipes and shopping lists
Personalised Exercise Plan

The latest service now offered by The Fitness Studio is a 8 week programme combining 1-1 personal training in your own space. We will send you your very own bespoke home work-out plan which includes: bespoke 8 week video workout plan and access to health eating plans and 8 mentoring sessions, over 8 weeks all sessions are hold on your mobile devise by video or by Phone call. this is your time to ask us at the Fitness Studio any questions you may have and lets Anthony give you the help and motivation you may need to achieve your goals for a healthier lifestyle. 

Have your very own Personal Trainer / Mentor 

Why should I choose this package?

We will put together a tailored home workout program, that fits your lifestyle, we also have easy to follow eating plans we also love giving bespoke nutritional advice and guidance’s, so let us support, inspire and motivate you to a healthier life. 

What is included and how it is structured?

  • Free consultation – You will start with a free consultation, this will enable us to put together an action plan for you.
  • Your 8 week programme starts, with a phone video call which is designed for you to asked Anthony any questions you may have regarding your bespoke home workout plan
  • 8 week video workout plan which includes a weekly phone video call, letting us confirm correct techniques of exercises, this weekly contact time will ensure your plan is tailored so enabling you to get the support you want and leaving you feeling motivated and focused.
  • 8 Mentoring Sessions – These sessions will be hold weekly between you and Anthony on your mobile device, this gives you the chance to ask any questions you may have regarding your home workout workout videos, a long with your eating plan etc, and it enables me to offer you the support to stay focused and motivated through out the programme.