Q & A with Anthony

Q&A with our Personal Trainer, Anthony Hobden

Anthony is his custom built studio
Anthony is his custom-built studio

Why did you decide to become a Personal Trainer?

I personally really enjoy exercising and keeping in shape and really love helping others to see the benefits of exercise and achieve their aims

What Qualifications do you have?

YMCA Level 3 qualification in Personal Training plus a City and Guilds Level 2 in coaching and teaching.

What sorts of people have your trained?

I have trained a host of people over the last 16 years as a personal trainer which includes one of the Great British Ski Team, Royal Marines and l have created gentle exercise routines for people up to the age of 99, we always create bespoke exercise routines to suit everybody fitness levels 

Why did you decide to build your studio in Devon?

 love Devon, the fresh outdoor space has a really positive effect on your mind and body and I get to training on the beach, in the countryside and at The Fitness Studio

How do you keep yourself in such good shape?

Through following a healthy eating plan and training between 20 to 40 minutes 6 times a week, 3 of those sessions are 20 minutes and involve cardiovascular exercises: running, spinning or HIIT training which involves shadow boxing, then the next 3 sessions are full body workouts each 40 minutes, which include bodyweight exercises and dumbbell exercises then followed by a cool down which is a Yoga based.    

What are your favourite sports and why?

I took up Jujitsu at 15 years of age and loved being able to look after myself within 4 years earning myself a black belt, but now l enjoy taking part in many sports and particularly enjoy boxing based training, this was due to being able to stay up with my dad as a young man, to me it was always about the way boxers moved without being hit and their amazing bodies. 

I understand you like fashion, so what is your favourite menswear brand/designer at the moment?

As a Nottingham boy born and raised, I love Paul Smith; I love his simple style with a little bit of detail but nothing to brash and then there is the personal service you receive which is always first class.

What music do you like to training to at the moment?

80s tracks, they seem to have a good beat as well as a little bit of nostalgia