What is the Healthy Living Guide

What is the Healthy Living Guide?

The Healthy living guide was created by us (Husband and Wife team Anthony & Laura Hobden); we put it together to help anyone and everyone live a healthier and happier life.

Like many people we like to eat healthy and stay fit but in a modern world it is hard to find the time and wade through all the advice out there to find relevant information and practical information and tips that can help you live a modern and busy life but live the best and healthiest version of it.

Through our own experience and Anthony years of experience as a personal trainer, helping others be healthier and happier, we believe that a healthy lifestyle is about physical and mental well-being. Our ethos is that eating healthy and exercising helps your physical fitness, and positive thinking and mindfulness helps your mental health, and when these are brought together that’s when you are the best you, you can be.



How do I use it?

Whether you are just trying to be a little healthier, reduce your weight, keep the weight off or increase your energy levels and improve your life the information and tips in the Healthy living guide can help you.

The Guide is broken into 4 main sections to help you find the information you need;

  • How to live a healthier lifestyle
  • Exercising and Weight Management
  • Healthy Food and Eating Advice
  • Mindfulness and Positive Thinking


What does each section offer?

How to live a healthier lifestyle

 The How to live a healthier lifestyle pages offer tips and advice on enjoying a healthy and holistic lifestyle that suits modern day living.

Exercise and Weight Management

The Exercise and weight management pages are for all of you out there that feel let down by diets and exercise routines that simply don’t work for you or fit in to your modern life. The pages offer inspiration on how to reduce or maintain your weight and stay fit and healthy including videos, tips and ideas. The Exercise and weight management section all includes our 4 week weight reduction and control programme to help you lose weight and keep it off.


Healthy Food and Eating Advice

The Healthy Food and Eating Advice pages offer healthy recipes to inspire you plus advice to help you make good food choices and good habits. This section aims to help you keep control of your weight whilst still enjoying food and life; we even have tips on how to avoid over indulging when dining out.


Mindfulness and Positive Thinking

The Mindfulness and Positive Thinking pages have simple practical advice on how to think positively, keep you focused and inspire you to achieve everything in life, personal success, weight control success and much more.


 Use all 4 sections to look good, feel good and be the best you, you can be