The Power of Words

You cannot succeed on any diet in the long term loving and hating the same food, wanting it, then denying yourself it and then craving it.

Think of the foods you love and foods you hate and how your brain reacts to those food choices, by using the motivational tools below your brain will link pleasure to the positive choices you are now making, and the brain loves pleasure,

So start using the tools below and have that amazing body and start feeling heathier. 


Motivational Words

Motivate yourself by using these words every day;

I am incredibly successful,

I love eating like this,

This eating plan is so easy,

This eating plan is amazing easy to follow,

I can do this,

I will do this,

I am doing this for me,

You will be surprised how simply repeating these words to yourself lifts your mood and helps you feel more positive.


Empowered and in Control

Feeling empowered and in control makes you feel positive and help you strive forward and achieve more so, try these tools to empower yourself and show you, how successful you are, you are probably more successful and in control than you give yourself credit for.

Try reminding yourself or your successes, for example try these phrases below when making good choices:

I am choosing to leave food on my plate,

I am choosing to eat fruit,

I am empowered and in control of each and every choice l make,

You can also use visual techniques to enhance the effect;

  1. Clothing – Take an item a size smaller than you are at the moment then at end of week try it on, does it fit better? If so say so, if not tell yourself “I will absolutely, definitely will be that size”
  2. When In Shower – Visualise and say out loud to yourself

I am slimmer,

I look leaner,

And look to the future with some forward thinking motivation phrase such as:

 I will make it work,

I know l will succeed,

I always make healthy food choices,

I can do this, l enjoy it,

I always eat this way now and it always works,



Visualisation is a great motivational tool; visualisation is you picturing yourself succeeding in your goals and envisaging what it will be like and how it will make you feel. Visualisation is not just about what you see, it’s also about what you feel, hear and say, the more senses you use the more powerful your visualisation and the more real your feelings will be.  

Try these visualisations:

  • In the shower feel that there is less of you.
  • When getting dressed visualise your waistband becoming looser.
  • Hear people tell you how much slimmer you look and all the compliments coming your way.
  • Visualise yourself buying clothes in a smaller size and throwing out your old clothes.
  • See yourself shunning junk food.

Make a mental note of how you feel during these visualisations and use these feelings to drive yourself to dropping the weight and realising those visualisations.