Time Saving Tips

Batch Cooking

Batch cooking a freezing it in portions is a great way to save time and often money.  Cooking large batches of food often does not take much more time than make just a single portion and it can help reduce your food waste if you increase the quantity to suit the size/quantity the ingredients can be bought in rather than leaving the rest in a cupboard and not using them i.e. if the recipe calls for 250g lentils but they are sold in 500g bags then make double the recipe and use all 500g.

Once you have cooked it, cool it, portion it and freeze it so then all you have to do is remember to get a portion out the night before so if can defrost and then reheat/cook it as per the instructions.

For some ideas on healthy, easy to make batch cooking recipes visit our batch cooking recipes page.


Shopping Online

Grocery shopping online can take a while to get use to but once you are used to it, it can save you lots of time and help you control what you buy. Most supermarkets offer smartphone apps as well as ordering from your laptop, so you can easily add things as you run-out or walk around the house checking the cupboards so you order exactly what you need, no more and no less, which should stop those return trips to the supermarket for something you have forgotten, plus when you come to order most of your shopping is already in your basket.  

Avoiding the supermarket and shopping online can also reduce the risk of temptation from all those displays designed to make you buy more and over indulge, shopping online makes controlling your temptations and sticking to healthier choices much easier. 

Shopping online saves you time travelling to the supermarket and the time walking around, so whilst your first online shop may take a while persevere, as it gets easier and most online shops allow you to make lists of the items you buy regularly so can add them to you basket quicker.


Be Gym Ready

Keep you gym bag packed, so when you get home from the gym and you clear out the dirty towels and gym kit from your bag, replace them straight away with clean ones, so your bag is always ready to go when you are.