The Truth Behind Food Labelling

Food and drink brands often employ buzzwords to cash in on nutrition trends, but don’t be fooled shop smarter.

Supermarkets food shelves look great and enticing with phrases like:

Rich in Omega 3,


an excellent source of fibre,


high in protein,

but take a closer look at the labelling to discover the sobering reality which is that food companies design packaging and labels in order to sell products.

If the label says:

fat free,


gluten free,


with added vitamins,

we as consumers will believe the product to be healthier than other products, even though that might not be the case, lots of these foods may be high in sugar or salt or both.

Your best defence for a better diet is to make your own snacks or opt for fruit with small handful of nuts, and at home try to make your own meals and reduce the meal portion sizes or why not  follow The Fitness Studio Eating program which is packed full of healthy foods which are great for your body.

Witten by Anthony Hobden