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Image of woman running on the beach
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Walking and Jogging are both great forms of exercise follow our plan to combine them and increase your fitness.


Image of woman running on the beach

Skipping is great cardio-vascular exercise that burns calories, watch our video to follow our skipping routine. The routine includes a warm-up and cool-down

Image of woman running on the beach
Cardio Home Workout

The Cardio Home Workout Challenge 

Always consult with a doctor before starting a new exercise or diet regime.

Please note for this workout you will need a fitness tracker and/or heart rate monitor which displays your heart rate on a screen you can see whilst exercising.

Warm up

Warm up for at least 10 minutes prior to exercise.

Go walking / cycling / jogging or swimming for 10 minutes starting at a gentle pace, increasing the pace throughout the 10 minutes.

Why warm up?

Reason 1 – you will be gradually mobilising the fatty acids stored throughout your body to the bloodstream so you can use your fat instead of your vital blood sugars. 

Reason 2 – it prevents cramping and distributes blood to those areas that need it rather than immediately diverting if from vital organs.


The workout is a 20 minute walk / cycle / jog or swim within your heart rate zone (see notes below), working in your heart rate zone helps you burn fat and increase your fitness threshold efficiently.

How do I workout in my heart rate zone?

To calculate your heart rate zone in beats per minute, deduct your age from 180 so for example for me 180 – 43 = 122 beats per minute, that’s my heart rate zone

Please note that if you are recovering from a major illness or on medication subtract an additional 10 beats per minute. If you have not exercised more than 1 year, are gearing down in your training or if you often get colds/flu or have allergies, subtract 5 beats.

Cool Down

Take twelve to fifteen minutes to cool down by walking or some other form of mild movement. Cooling down helps prevent your blood from pooling in your working muscles, if you abruptly stop moment after exercise, there is nowhere for the blood to be returned for cleansing, reoxygenation and redistribution.

Why not keep a record of your progress by downloading our HOME WORKOUT EXERCISE DIARY