Achieving Your Goals

How to achieve your weight reduction goals and a positive body image

 The advice below is aimed at helping you achieve your weight goals but it can also be used to help you achieve in other areas of your life and career.

  • Want It – You have to want it enough that you are completely committed to changing your daily routines in order to reach your goal.


  • Belief – You must believe you can succeed, make your goal believable and challenging.


  • Visualise – Visualise a clear mental image of yourself reaching your goal every day.


  • Storyboard – Use a story board; stick inspirational pictures and photos of the things you most aspire to in relation to goals, as well as writing on key messages and words or phrases that you find motivational and inspiring.


  • Write It Down – You must write it down; unless you commit your goal to paper it is only a wish or a dream. Successful people think on paper and you will be successful.


  • Help & Fear – Everything holding you back is inside your own head, ask for help and believe in yourself, do not be fearful of not reaching your goal, mistakes will happen but they will not stop you reaching your goal as you have total belief in yourself.


  • Succeeding – The only real difference between people who succeed and people who fail is that people who succeed will do whatever it takes to reach their goals.


  • Support – Join a group or find a mentor you can share your goal with at a weekly or monthly meeting.


  • Obstacles – Write you obstacles down on paper and come up with ways of dealing with them in a positive way.


  • Enjoyment – Enjoy living your healthier life, after all the real you that is waiting to come out, so let that happen.


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