Coronavirus (COVID-19)

In the wake of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and as advised by prime minister The Fitness Studio will be closed, however we are offering an amazing Home Workout plan called New Beginnings, which you can do in your own space, see price Page for more information.

In the wake of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak we are being asked by clients how we at the Fitness Studio are trying to keep our clients as safe as possible therefore, we have created this page to give our clients peace of mind that we are doing all we can at this moment in time and that we are following the advice from the UK Government and the World Health Organisation (WHO).

In the Prime ministers speech on 20th March he instructed venues where the public gather such as gym to close to control the spread of the virus however, as we are not a commercial gym and do not have multiple users in the gym at any one time we do not feel that closing our doors is currently necessary.   We believe that helping our clients to stay happy and healthy is a priority so we will remain opens for as long as possible.

At the fitness studio we always aim for a very high standard or cleanliness hence this lists includes information on our standard cleaning procedures and additional measures we are now taking.

Our Standard Cleaning Procedures:

  • We clean all fitness equipment including mats between clients
  • The exercise area and bathroom including fixtures, fittings, chairs etc. are meticulously cleaned daily with a combination of steam and suitable detergents made from natural ingredients; the frequency of cleaning is increased as required. Whilst the bathroom is cleaned daily it is rinsed and wiped between uses.
  • Technology such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops are cleaning daily.
  • Anthony washes his hands and/or uses hand sanitiser between clients

Addition measures we are now taking:

  • We are cleaning door handles, light switches, door bells etc. daily with a cleaning solution of at least 60% alcohol.
  • We are providing hand sanitiser for clients to use which contains 60% alcohol in line with World Health Organisation advice.
  • We are adding a disinfectant to our usually laundry detergent for all machine washable items such as towels.
  • We will also put up some posters with general advice.
  • Staggering session times to allow for cleaning and sanitising as well as trying to help with social distancing by reducing clients coming into contact with each other as they arrive and leave.
  • We are opening up our private outdoor training area early than usual this year for clients who would still like to come to the studio but would prefer to exercise in an outdoor space rather than indoors. Please be aware we can only offer outdoor training sessions on days where the weather is good but, if this is something you would like to do please speak to Anthony.
  • For our Clients that are self-isolating but wish to continue with their personal training we are providing bespoke exercise videos as an alternative to their usual sessions, if this is something you are interested in please speak to Anthony.

Ways our Clients can help us

  • We ask our clients that if you arrive early for your session please remain in your vehicle or away from the door until 5 mins before your sessions starts, you can send Anthony an email saying you’ve arrived early and if he can he will let you in earlier.
  • We are happy for all our clients to postpone their sessions if they would like to, either as a result of self-isolation or simply for peace-of-mind, please contact Anthony to let him know if you wish to postpone any of your sessions.
  • We also ask our Client to please notify us immediately if you have any symptoms or have been in contact with anyone confirmed or suspected of having the Coronvirus so we can take appropriate action.

If there is a suspected case of Coronavirus (COVID-19) 

If we or a client is suspected of having the virus we will notify all clients immediately, and keep them updated on developments i.e. test results, we will address the risk at the time and decide whether or not we need to close temporarily.

We also ask our clients to be considerate and if you feel unwell especially if you have a cough, difficulty in breathing and a fever please let us know, cancel your session and stay at home.