2 Part Full Body Workout

This full body workout comprises of 2 demonstration workouts, each with its own video below, the combination of the 2 workouts has been devised to give you a full body workout which includes exercises to improve your strength, posture, balance, muscular endurance. 

How to:

You will have a consultation with Anthony so we know what numbers and weight resistance works best for you and how many times a week you are willing to commit to your home workouts 

Equipment needed:

For the routines you will need the following equipment:

Exercise Matthttps://www.newitts.com/beemat-premium-thick-exercise-mat-with-eyelets-180cm

Dumbbell plate set 20kg such as https://www.argos.co.uk/product/8196026

1 x Barbell Plate https://www.newitts.com/apollo-studio-barbell-plate-it080304

Wobble Board such as  https://www.newitts.com/apollo-wobble-board

1 x medium Resistance/Power Band approx. 5-14kg resistance such as https://www.newitts.com/atreq-power-bands-full-set

1 Medium Resistance tube with handles such as https://www.newitts.com/apollo-resistance-tubes

Door Anchor for resistance bands such as https://www.newitts.com/trx-door-anchor